What is PST Training?

Maximise your results with PST® Floor Sanding Training

Premium Sanding Technology Training offers Lagler users the very best in efficiency, maintenance and technical knowledge.

Looking to grow your knowledge of floor sanding? The Lagler Premium Application Concept for wooden surfaces focuses on the use of synchronised machines, abrasives and work processes to deliver the best results. This one-day certified course will open your eyes to common mistakes and how to avoid them. PST® Training offers companies a competitive edge across all Lagler floor sanding services through improvements to time, maintenance and process efficiency.

  • This unique training course will cover a range of topics including:
  • Premium wooden surface techniques for better results
  • Essential maintenance for Lagler products to extend lifespan
  • Efficient and Economical use of Lagler floor sanding machines
  • Health & Safety Awareness

Suitable for new hires and managers alike, gain an added dimension of understanding through the Lagler Premium Sanding Technology certification.

PST Overview

Place of the seminar: » show route plan to KHR
Duration: Full Day (approx training time 5 hours)
Number of Participants Up to 5 people per Company
Start: 8.30 am
Participation fee: £300 + vat per Company
  • Welcoming to KHR
  • Lagler Factory Tour (via DVD) and Machine Knowledge Part 1
  • Theory (approx 1 hour)
  • Machine Knowledge Part 2 (approx 1 hour)
  • Lunch
  • Practice the new LÄGLER-Premium-Concept (3 hours)
Course booking: On receipt of your completed registration form we will be in contact with you shortly to arrange a date for your PST which will then be confirmed in writing.
Payment: To be paid at the time of booking and is non-refundable. The date can be changed in certain circumstances with a minimum of 10 days notice.
Travel Arrangements:  All costs to be borne by the participants – however please liaise with us as we are more than happy to arrange transport to and from train stations/ airports etc.
Overnight Accommodation: We personally recommend the Elizabeth House Hotel, Southampton for overnight stays for it’s facilities and proximity to our offices. Find out more and book your stay here: elizabethhousehotel.com

What To Expect

Reduce Costs and Callbacks. PST® Training delivers premium results in less time.

Our PST® training day course is designed to teach you how to get the most from your Lagler Floor Sanding Machines. In partnership with Lagler, we have ben delivering the PST® training course to many business customers, and with great results. We work with three main floor sanding machines – the Hummel, Trio and Flip – and teach our customers how to use these efficiently for perfect, premium finishes on floor sanding projects in less time.

For our customers, these skills are proven to reduce time on jobs, produce a far higher degree of quality and reduce the risk of avoidable faults with the floor sanding machines. This all results in reduced costs, higher profits and a competitive edge in the floor sanding marketplace.

Customers can also book servicing for their current Lagler machines to take place during their PST® training.

  • Welcome

    Your day will begin with a warm welcome and an opportunity to meet the team here at KHR. Refreshments will be provided along with a brief overview of the day’s activities, and we’ll explain what you will learn and the skills you will perfect by the end of the course. If you have brought any machines to service or repair, this is the time to hand them over!

  • PST® Theory

    The learning begins in our training room. You will enjoy a short presentation on the history of Lagler and the PST® training programme. After an overview of the different machines that we will be dealing with, we take a look at the science of floor sanding as a whole, before moving on to the specifics of abrasives and the PST® application method.

  • Lagler Machine Practice

    We then move on to more in-depth knowledge about the machines you will be using. A key part of the PST® programme is to fully understand the individual components of the machines, key issues that can occur and how to maintain the machines for optimum results every time. When you’re ready, you will be tasked with reassembling machines from their component parts in a safe and efficient way. This is a highly valuable skill for undertaking routine checks, replacing spare parts and avoiding unecessary machine downtime during future sanding projects.

  • The Lagler Premium Application Concept

    Using the Lagler Hummel, Trio and Flip we will work through the PREMIUM APPLICATION CONCEPT and discuss the added capabilities of each machine, explaining how to use them to their full potential.

    The goal and ethos of the day is to show our customers how to achieve the best possible results in less time. By using perfectly synchronised machines, improved methods and the correct abrasives we can demonstrate how your company can attain perfect sanding results every time. The last part of the day is spent putting theory into practice on the 10sqm training room floor. We like to time this part of the day to show just how much faster the floor sanding process can be with the PST® method!

  • Final Questions & Completion

    If there are any specific topics that you would like more information on, we can cover these after the sanding process is finished.

    After completing the course you will be awarded a PST® Certificate as proof of your knowledge and understanding of the advanced sanding techniques you have learned during the day. You will also be given a Lagler goodie bag to take home!

Upgrade Your Sanding Results in One Day

We guarantee our Floor Sanding Training course will save you money and time in the future.