Spare Parts Lists

Spare Part Codes & Information

Looking for something in particular? Use the Lagler Spare Parts lists to identify the exact items you need.

When looking for Lagler spare parts for a floor sanding machine, be sure to make a note of the PRODUCT CODE from the correct spare parts manual. You can then easily find and order the required parts in our online store, or contact us directly on 02380 215315 to place your order.

Please note – the documents below are the most recent editions of the spare parts lists and the illustrations included are of the most recent model of floor sanding machine. However, previous versions of parts are included in the lists including their item code. These will be listed by manufacture year (eg. Pre-2008). These earlier versions can still be ordered and used where required, or we will advise on a newer (backward-compatible) version that can be used on your particular model of machine when you make an order enquiry.

Lagler Spare Parts Lists

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