Premium Application Concept

What Is The Premium Application Concept?

A better way to use Lagler floor sanding machines.

The Lagler Premium Application Concept is a vital part of the PST® Training programme. This system was designed to maximise the efficiency and results of every floor sanding project and allows businesses to save valuable time. Using the Hummel, Trio and Flip in perfect unison, our customers are able to think differently about how they approach a job and which tools are required. Combining this core range of Lagler floor sanding machines with Lagler Zirconia Abrasives, even seasoned floor sanding companies see vastly improved results in time spent and quality achieved.

What Are The Benefits?

  • The best sanding quality due to using the only machines in the world with a professional certification, working practically dust free.
  • Significantly higher customer satisfaction
  • Less trouble and less complaints
  • Enormous time savings

How It Works

Sanding Grits Floor Refinishing
Lagler TRIO Floor sander comparison
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    Test certificate dust emission inspected

    Integrated sensor with monitored dust control and sophisticated filter system.
    Emission Test Value: 0.2 mg/m3

    The Benefits:

    • Virtually Dust-Free working
  • Lagler Trio Floor Sanding Results

    Best Quality in Fine Sanding

    Much smoother surfaces than with a belt sander at the same grit size.

    The Benefits:

    • Optimal final results
    • Consistent surfaces
    • Perfect application of top finish
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    Easy to Uses, Safe Working

    Three powered, flexible sanding plates mounted in a freely rotating element.

    The Benefits

    • Variable direction of sanding
    • Typical faults are less likely to happen
    • Change of the working abrasives quickly and without tools
  • Lagler Trio Sanding Discs

    Extensive range of applications

    A powerful motor and various optional working plates offer amazing flexibility.

    The Applications:

    • Subfloor preparation
    • Parquet renovation
    • Fine sanding
    • Intermediate sanding
Lagler Flip Egde Sander Benefits Dust Free
  • Flip Dust Extraction Certificate

    Test certificate dust emission inspected

    Great absorption and unique dust emptying process.
    Emission Test Value: 0.2 mg/m3

    The Benefits:

    • Virtually dust-free working
    • Dust-free disposal of grinding dust
    • High customer satisfaction
  • Flip Edge Sander attachment

    Future-oriented design

    Practically oriented construction.

    The Benefits

    • Easy to change the carbon brushes
    • Fast cleaning of suction and attachments
    • Protection class II
    • Encapsulated plastic housing
  • Lagler Flip Long Attachment for under Radiators

    Ergonomic Design

    Specially shaped and positioned handles for pivoting suction.

    The Benefits:

    • Protection of the joints
    • Fatigue-free working
    • Ergonomic posture
  • Lagler edge sander Attachments and accessories

    Extensive range of applications

    The multiple attachments and handy design make it a great tool for many jobs.

    The Applications:

    • Edge sanding
    • Reaching under radiators
    • Corner sanding