Floor Sanding Training

Premium Sanding Technology Training

All-Inclusive Floor Sanding Training for all levels.

Whether you are looking to tune up your existing skills or need a complete introduction to the principles of effective floor refinishing, our training courses are certain to give you new knowledge and ideas to grow your business while saving money and time.

KHR Company Ltd are sole providers of the Premium Sanding Technology (PST) training plan developed by Lagler GmbH. This course is built on decades of floor refinishing experience and provides all the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle any floor sanding job. Over the last six years we have trained over 150 companies in the UK of all shapes and sizes.

At the heart of our floor sanding training courses are three goals:

1. Quality

A fresh look at how to get the best possible results from your floor sander. We take you through machine maintenance, proper handling and grit sequence best practices, and then apply them in our hands-on parquet sanding training area to produce premium surfaces for oils and lacquers.

2. Speed

By changing the order and methodology of the floor sanding machines you are using, you can achieve high quality results in less time. Maximising work output efficiently is a valuable skill, whether working alone or in a large team.

3. Repeatable

The skills learned in our PST® Floor Sanding Course can be applied to any floor type, species or finish you might encounter. The programme can be scaled to take you from any starting surface to whatever level finish desired. Parquet, hardwood, softwood and exotic floors can be refinished to the highest possible standard with the principles we teach.

Accredited by Lagler - Recognised Worldwide

The Lagler-certified Premium Sanding Technology (PST) training course is developed, managed and accredited by Lagler Gmbh, Germany.  Unlike other flooring course providers, we focus purely on floor sanding and refinishing. This training follows the Premium Application Concept to manage tasks, machines and grit sequences in a methodical order.

The PST Floor Sanding Training course pays close attention to safe working practices and utilising the extremely low dust emissions that Lagler floor sanding machines produce. Companies that have taken our floor refinishing training are proud to be PST Accredited, showing that they have the knowledge and equipment to minimise dust exposure for their clients.

Our Training Is:

  • Structured Framework

    The Premium Application Concept provides a simple and effective approach to refinishing wood floors of any size or type. Sanding steps are planned and intuitive, making the process fast and easy to work through.

  • Evidence-Based Skills

    Unlike other floor sanding training companies, our the Lagler PST Floor Sanding Training system was constructed from over 60 years of floor sanding experience across hundreds of different sanding companies across the globe.

  • Business Specific

    Our experienced course leaders can address specific questions, topics and areas of floor sanding, depending on your experience or most frequent types of work. We also often work with companies just moving into the floor sanding sector, and can adjust the content to suit.

Our Training Is Not:

  • Sales Pitch

    The PST® Floor Sanding Training system was developed by Lagler, and we use the Lagler core machine range throughout the training. However, the principles learned can be used with any range of floor sanding machines.

  • Box-Ticking Exercise

    We take our training seriously. Participants who successfully complete our wood floor sanding courses get a Certificate of achievement and are added to our growing network of PST Accredited Sanding Professionals.

  • Just For Beginners

    Our flooring restoration courses have been used by over 150 companies in the UK to increase skills and understanding. No matter what your experience level, our floor sanding training course will enhance your knowledge and working practices – guaranteed.

Responsible Sanding - Be Dust-Free with PST

We’re happy to recommend companies that have successfully completed the Lagler PST Floor Sanding Training with us, and who understand and can produce the dust-free principles that Lagler recommend for safe working.

If you are looking for a dust-free Floor Sanding Company, look no further than our list of recent, reputable PST course attendees.

Training You Can Depend On

Guaranteed Improvements for Businesses and Individuals

Our Floor Sanding Training Courses offer something for everyone. They are most effective when all individuals in the business work together – especially when there are a range of different experience levels across the company. As well as learning new skills, it’s an opportunity to break apart and analyse existing floor sanding methods, identify quick-fixes for recurring issues and bring the company to a higher standard of sanding, together.

Raise the Bar of Quality Across Your Business

Training together means that improvements are made across the whole team, and everyone has the same understanding of the sanding principles. Through our floor refinishing course, businesses learn to work more closely together on the tasks required and eliminate any misunderstandings of process or preference.

Experience and Continued Development

Just like when driving a car, everyone develops their own habits – and often are stubborn about it! Floor sanding is much the same. Experience offers knowledge, but can also reinforce bad habits that affect the quality or efficiency of your work – and the condition of your equipment. Our floor sanding course will help analyse how you sand and identify small adjustments that can have a huge effect on your results and bottom lines.

Accelerated Skills for New Starts

Without structured training, it can take months to learn the correct floor sanding techniques needed to achieve a quality finish. Having PST as a core element of staff training ensures consistent skills amongst staff of all experience levels. We work with a number of high-end companies to train new starts into competent, skilled sanders through our course.

Floor Sanding Training Costs And Pricing

One Day Comprehensive Floor Sanding Training

£300 +vat


Up to 5 attendees from the same company

Sanding Theory and Practical Application with:
HUMMEL Belt Sander
FLIP Edge Sander
TRIO Multi-Disc Sander
SINGLE Disc Buffer

Maintenance and Proper Handling Techniques

Abrasive Types and Grit Sequencing

Breakfast, Lunch and Drinks Included

+ KHR & Lagler Goodies

Upgrade Your Sanding Results In One Day

Ready to join us for a day of valuable floor sanding training? We book our courses to order and can also service your sanding machines while you’re here! Whatever you need, we make your training day work for you.